White LED lamps for exposure rooms

We are now handling [White LED lamps for exposure rooms].


A photoresist is used for pattern printing on the substrate material.

The illumination light in this pattern printing work room is required to have no wavelength component below 450 nm.

In the past, yellow fluorescent lamps were the corresponding products, but they had disadvantages such as poor visibility and a heavy burden on workers.

This product eliminates these disadvantages.



Recommended for improving the lighting environment at work sites


1. Cut wavelengths below 450 nm (UV blocking rate 99.5%

White light improves “color recognition” and “visual field recognition” ⤴

2. White light improves work efficiency

Improves worker’s eyes and body fatigue, improving work accuracy ⤴

3. Fluorescent lamps can be converted to LEDs using existing lighting equipment

Existing equipment can be used as an alternative to the yellow fluorescent lamp (40W type)




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